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Mads Nørgaard is a brand that has classic men’s and women’s designs at its core but could never be said to be stuck in the past. The clothing company grew from Mads Mathias Nørgaard’s desire to design clothes after he searched unsuccessfully for clothes that were fashion forward but still timeless in design.

The brand’s stylish designs have received international popularity for over a decade and Mads Nørgaard’s design talent has been acknowledged with a position on the Danish Design Council.

It all started in 1986 when Mads Nørgaard opened an independent shop in Copenhagen and designed his first menswear collection. The Mads Nørgaard brand was established nine years later, with the debut of a womenswear collection by Mads Nørgaard a year later. Although passionate about fashion and its developments, the brand is conscious of not letting its unique style be swept up in the ever quickening pace.

The Danish brand aims to design clothes that have classic elements but when worn are actually more about the character of the person wearing them. With the sharp tailoring of both Mads Nørgaard women’s dresses and men’s shirts, the silhouettes flatter and draw attention to the figure of the wearer, as well as their own confidence and personality

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